Silent auction to benefit the Shandaken Project

February 21 through March 7
Hosted by Paddle8

Live Preview:
Friday, February 21, 6–8p
Chapter, NY, 127 Henry St

Work by Uri Aran, Gina Beavers, Patrick Berran, Colby Bird, Alexis Dahan, Jim Drain, Matt Keegan, Justin Lieberman, Kate Levant, Michael Mahalchick, Alexander May, Shawn Powell, David Scanavino, Paul Sepuya, Kasper Sonne, Luke Stettner, Allyson Vieira, Letha Wilson, Terry Winters, and Jordan Wolfson.

Special thanks to the artists, as well as Altman Siegel Gallery, Balice Hertling, Chapter NY, Clifton Benevento Gallery, Fitzroy Gallery, David Zwirner Gallery, Gavin Brown's Enterprise, Kate Werble Gallery, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Martos Gallery, Zach Feuer Gallery, Paddle8, Dave Harper, and Nicole Russo.


My Art World is Huge

Pillow Talk with Brian Droitcour

Saturday, March 1, 7–8:30p
Molasses Books, 770 Hart Street, Brooklyn

Please join us March 1 for a presentation by summer 2013 resident Brian Droitcour entitled “My Art World Is Huge." Droitcour will address the relationship between contemporary art and its audiences, using the reviews of museums and galleries that he has written and found on Yelp as fodder for analysis and discussion. With writing about art outside established channels of professional media as a potential source of ideas for reinvigorating critical writing, he will discuss how the modern concepts of art, museums, and criticism developed in tandem with the public sphere. Perhaps the widespread use of social media—a new kind of public space, where expertise, objectivity, and reason yield to emotion, immediacy, and subjective experience—calls for a revision of institutional and critical practices.

This talk is an extension of “Vernacular Criticism,” his lecture given at the New Museum in October. The format will be more anecdotal, centered on readings of reviews and their informal discussion.

The Shandaken Project's ongoing series of "pillow talks" are intimate discussions with former residents and special guests. Eschewing the traditional slide lecture format, these presentations focus on residents' realms of inquiry rather than illustrated histories of their object-making.

Summer Intensive

June 8 to 15

The Shandaken Project

A week-long think tank about queer theory and cultural production. Learn more here.

Outdoor screening of XY NAUGHT
By Jory Rabinovitz

Friday, June 20, 9p onward
The Shandaken Project

Visual artist Jory Rabinovitz’s first foray into theater, XY NAUGHT, follows an unknown wanderer’s failed yearnings to express and create. Unable to apprehend established modes of representation and economy, the wanderer fumbles through his surroundings and into tumult and debt. A lead role in a Greek tragedy gives promise to make reparations for the protagonist, but instead leads to further confusion, creative impotence and impediment. With a cast comprised of artistic peers who are untrained on the stage, XY NAUGHT investigates the closing gaps of performance in its varied embodiments in the world of art and industry through an amalgamation of contemporary models and ancient Greek theater.

XY NAUGHT was first performed in January 2014 at the New Theater, Berlin, then in May 2014 New York at Abrons Art Center, New York City. For Shandaken, Rabinovitz will introduce and screen documentation from the NYC performance, with a bacchanal dance party to follow the screening.

Starring Jessi Reaves, JPW3, Sam Anderson, Phillip Birch, Joseph Geagan, Sayre Gomez, Frank Haines, Lena Henke, Jeff Joyal, Brian Kuzma, Jose Martos, and Taylor Trabulus. Original score by Harry Bornstein, GOBBY, Max McFerren, and NA NGUZU.

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The Trees are Alive!
By Andres Laracuente

Saturday, July 12, evening
The Shandaken Project

Converging art and life, artist Andres Laracuente will host an immersive viewing experience of The Evil Dead (1981). Merging with the narrative of the film, the screening will literally take place in the woods, following sunset. 

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Quilting Workshop
By Elissa Goldstone

Saturday, August 9, 12–6p
The Shandaken Project

This workshop led by artist Elissa Goldstone is perfect for beginners looking to learn the ABC's of quilting and sewing in a casual, haphazard manner. It will also be ideal for anyone who would like to start a new quilt project or have some nice company while working on a pre-existing project. Due to limited machine availability, hand-sewing is encouraged! Fabric, patterns, and loose talk will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring any fabric or gossip that they wish to work with.

Quilting is a practical and social action that has become deeply rooted in communal traditions. During the program, we will practice quilting together but other craft-based projects—weaving, knitting, beading, and more—are also welcome.

Meals and snacks for this event will be sponsored by 2014 resident Chloé Rossetti, in the spirit of meal sponsorship at Dergah al-Farah, where Rossetti is a dervish in the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order. This dergah provides around 20 iftars [meals] every Ramadan, each for up to 50 people. The dervishes take turns sponsoring these meals for the whole community. This reduces the burden on the dergah, and allows everyone to eat for free at each event. It is Rossetti's hope that the residents, guests, and supporters of the Shandaken Project may follow suit.

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The Center for Experimental Lectures presents Lizzie Feidelson and Katie Hubbard, with a screening of videos by Chloé Rossetti

Saturday, August 30 (Labor Day weekend), evening
The Shandaken Project

Labor Day weekend the Center for Experimental Lectures returns to Shandaken for a third annual evening of lecture performances, cooking, and camping, featuring new lecture-performances by Lizzie Feidelson and Katherine Hubbard, as well as a selection of new video work by Chloé Rossetti, made while in residence this year, presented by the Shandaken Project.

Lizzie Feidelson will present an untitled lecture on the social media presence of Bridgette MacFadden, a real woman from Boston, Massachusetts. We will mostly explore the complicity of watching, but also the uses and abuses of public information, and the act of performing oneself.

Hubbard’s presentation is tentatively titled Notes from Utah. Notes on gray. It will consider the relationship that photography creates between the human eye and the camera eye; film as a registration of light; grayscale as a range of tone and value; tone and value as markers of point of view. Engaging the audience with real-time, in-person examples of these lines of thinking throughout the lecture, Hubbard will mark the boundaries of vision human and camera present within the lecture space.

Just before the lectures, as the sun is setting, the Shandaken Project will present a selection of new work by Chloé Rossetti, from a cycle of videos called Karan Divine Retreats, made while in residence at Shandaken earlier this summer. Utilizing dark humor and outsized characters in the tradition of George Kuchar, Alex Bag, or Mike Smith, Rossetti’s confessional-style vignettes follow the intellectual and moral development of a young art star coming to terms with her aesthetic, loft-centric self-presentation as it crumbles against the backdrop of “wild” nature. Rossetti unpacks complex ideas of identity and performance while poking gentle fun at some contradictions and eccentricities familiar to urban cultural producers and their idols.

Breakfast on Sunday, August 31 will be provided by Shandaken Project member Elissa Goldstone. She continues the tradition of providing meals for events at the project that was begun by prior resident Chloé Rosetti, mentioned above. She began this tradition by reflecting on the spirit of meal sponsorship at Dergah al-Farah, where she is a dervish in the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order. This dergah provides around 20 iftars [meals] every Ramadan, each for up to 50 people. The dervishes take turns sponsoring these meals for the whole community. This reduces the burden on the dergah, and allows everyone to eat for free at each event. It was Rossetti's hope that the residents, guests, and supporters of the Shandaken Project would follow suit—and Goldstone generously picked up the torch. Her donation will support a breakfast for campers, catered by the project.

Visitors to the Shandaken Project should BYO drinks, barbeque contributions for Saturday night’s dinner, and camping/tent supplies. Visitors traveling by bus should take the Adirondack Trailways line to Phoenicia, departing New York City at 9:15a or 12:30p on Saturday. Please contact to be picked up from the station.

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Drawing for Hilma Af Klint: An Event
Led by Ariel Dill and Amanda Friedman, with nocturnal rites by Frank Haines and Robbie McDonald

Saturday, September 20, 2p onward
The Shandaken Project

Ariel Dill and 2012 resident Amanda Friedman will lead an afternoon public program which will be centered on drawing outdoors, and will actively highlight the botanical and spiritual roots and content of abstract painting. The  collaborative drawing sessions will reimagine those of Hilma af Klint and “The Five” (de fem), a group who channeled "higher spirits," and made work together that contained esoteric messages. At the program, guests will prepare a communal meal, share readings, and collect drawing specimens on a nature hike. With nightfall, the final weekend of the Shandaken session and the autumnal equinox will be celebrated with a bonfire séance offering to Klint and The Five, plus a nocturnal rite by 2013 resident Frank Haines and 2014 resident Robbie McDonald.

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Adult Contemporary
Non/fiction salon organized by Katherine Brewer Ball and Svetlana Kitto
With presentations by Morgan Bassichis, Jibz Cameron, and Jack Halberstam

December 18, 7–9p
59 E 4th Street, 7th floor, buzzer 14

The Shandaken Project invites you to Adult Contemporary, co-organized by 2014 Summer Intensive participant Katherine Brewer Ball. This fantastic reading series became venue-less after rescheduling to accommodate an Eric Garner action, and we are pleased to be able to offer our exhibition space for their use.

Adult Contemporary is an experimental non/fiction salon series featuring readings, lectures, interviews and performances by established and emerging writers, artists and academics. It seeks out first person perspectives characterized by the urgent and the everyday; true stories that connect us to the big by way of the small, uneventful, and unexpected. Readings will be followed by informal conversations.

This edition will include: Morgan Bassichis, a writer and performer whose plays include When the Baba Yaga Eats You Alive and The Witch House; Jibz Cameron, a performance/video artist whose work as alter ego Dynasty Handbag has been presented at many international dives both great and small; and Jack Halberstam, a provocateur, blogger, and writer, who officially makes mischief at USC in the department of American Studies and Ethnicity.


Shandaken Project Retrospective Exhibition

Opening December 12, 7–10p
With a performance by Penis at 8p

Open to the public Mondays and Tuesdays, 12–6p
December 12 to January 15
And by appointment

59 East 4th Street, 7th floor, buzzer 14

The Shandaken Project will celebrate three years of residencies with a retrospective exhibition featuring over 60 artists who are part of the Shandaken community. The show will be held in a disused, floor-through apartment generously donated by Creative Time. Works created at the residency, others responding to the unusual exhibition space, and new work never before exhibited, will be on view at the show and presented in a closing night salon.

Participating artists include: Katherine Brewer Ball, Saul Becker, Amy Beecher, Colby Bird, Travis Boyer, Rachel Budde, Michael Bühler-Rose, Sophia Cleary, Tryn Collins, TM Davy, Alex DeCarli, Ariel Dill, Brian Droitcour, Lizzie Feidelson, Clayton Flynn, Laura Frantz, Amanda Friedman, Elise Gardella, Chris Gartrell, Elissa Goldstone, Jonah Groeneboer, Stefan Gunn, Frank Haines, Gordon Hall, Stuart Hawkins, Nate Heiges, Terry Hempfling, Mary Hill, Liz Hirsch, Christopher K. Ho, David Horvitz, Riitta Ikonen, Wyatt Kahn, Jackie Klempay, Tatiana Kronberg, Claire Krouzecky, Shaun Krupa, Jac Lahav, Andres Laracuente, Nicolas Linnert, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Ryan James MacFarland, Brendan Mahoney, Ashley May, Robbie McDonald, Virginia Lee Montgomery, Sophy Naess, Peter Nadin and Aimée Toledano, Ethan Philbrick, Jory Rabinovitz, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Mariah Robertson, Shellyne Rodriguez, Chloé Rossetti, Brie Ruais, Michael Rudokas, Carmelle Safdie, Joshua Smith, Michael Stamm, Luke Stettner, Christopher Stiegler, Joseph Teeling, Jeff Tranchell, Nickolaus Typaldos, Jonathan VanDyke, Katie Vida, Julia Weist, and Cori Williams.