Summer Intensive

June 8 to 15, 2014

The Shandaken Project

The Shandaken Project Summer Intensive, a week-long, retreat-style conference, investigated how the principals of queer theory can inform contemporary artists and art institutions. Our participants gathered in the early summer in a think-tank environment on our residency grounds. We were pleased to work with:

This program was guided by the question: How can artists or organizations maintain continuously contingent subject-positions while producing culture in our current historical moment? Four participants—Brewer Ball, Magenheimer, Philbrick, and the Shandaken Project's own Nicholas Weist—were present for each conversation, and the remaining participants were responsible for leading one discussion each. They were also offered the chance to join the other conversations. Each conversation was held over dinner, over the course of a single week on Shandaken's residency grounds.

For the conversations, each partcipant selected a reading to share with the group. These touchstones for the dinner conversations are available using the links above.

To document the results of the inquiry, the group created a zine, available for home-printing and -assembly, or for perusing online, using the links above.

We hope you enjoy sharing some of the feeling of the intesive with the readings and zine. For information about next year's intensive, please see our application page.