The Shandaken Project supports important cultural producers creating new pathways in their work and the world, primarily through a free residency program produced in partnership with Storm King Art Center: Shandaken Project at Storm King. The organization is sustained by a community of thoughtful individuals and is intentionally small-scale.


In addition to pushing their own work forward, many of our residents also assault the classic lines drawn around discrete disciplines. We award residencies to producers like a “sculptor” who makes songs, or a “dancer” who deploys pedagogy alongside traditional movement. This manner of working is at risk of minimal institutional support because it eludes categorization. Is a book that the author considers a sculpture eligible for a literary award? Could it be proposed by a museum’s acquisitions committee? We believe that the answer is often neither, instead of both—but that these powerful experiments in new modes of production are particularly important for the same reasons that make them vulnerable.

Additionally, as the art industry becomes increasingly professionalized and cities, particularly New York City, become more restrictive and gentrified, it becomes harder for artists generally avoid preferencing product over process.

Our free residency program aims to address these challenges by offering consequential support to artists affecting advances in arts and culture. By offering an alternative organizational model and by privileging process and experimentation as ends in and of themselves, we hope to contribute to the evolution of cultural life.

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