The Shandaken Project supports cultural producers, primarily those who work in an interdisciplinary capacity or affect change in their respective disciplines, with a process-focused residency program on the grounds of Storm King Art Center. This unique collaboration is called Shandaken Project at Storm King. Administrated by the Shandaken Project and taking place on the stunning grounds of Storm King, this program offers residents the best that both organizations can offer.

Visual artists, dancers, writers, curators, scholars, and musicians are offered room, board, and studio space for two to six weeks each, three at a time. The residency's intimate scale encourages dialogue between residents, while the private setting of the studios allows for intense focus on individual practice.

Our primary aim is to enable our residents to create new pathways in their work, and thereby the world, by cultivating an atmosphere that encourages experimentation and limits the pressures of everyday life. The residencies are completely free, and residents may contribute to and harvest from our communal, organic vegetable garden.

The Shandaken Projectís unique structure compliments its interest in emergent forms with transformative potential. It is primarily supported by a peer network of creative professionals who have direct input in the organizationís major decisions. This ensures that the program receives its mandate from its primary constituency, and affords it the freedom to be flexible and responsive.

We believe that research, experimentation, and the pursuit of new ideas are vital steps in the progress of culture, and that the creative community must safeguard space for them. We provide an alternative organizational model and significant opportunities for this community in an independent environment. Our free residencies encourage process, irrespective of outcome.

The Shandaken Project presents frequent public programs in New York City and the Hudson Valley region.

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